A collection of sourdough starters and the stories behind them.

For each starter its story and a recipe is collected, along with the owners reflection on how much their starter is worth in either monetary or emotional value. Once collected, the starter is dried which keeps the sourdough lactobacilli bacteria at rest until you wake them up again to bake with.

Anyone with a sourdough starter can take part and join the network. It investigates how to use existing platforms of knowledge to create new social relationships. The project is under constant development as new forms of information and contacts are established.


The ArchivePosted by josefin 2014-10-21 03:05:25
Kiyomi Sasaki — 佐々木 京美

"I’m currently taking a break, but I used bake bread in a stone oven, collect firewood and adjust the amount to get the perfect temperature. The sourdough plays a big part in the process. It has no monetary value. I have encountered astonishing results with this sourdough, so I consider it a real treasure that has brought joy to my life."


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